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Brain Strain: 85% of people who own one of THESE in their home never use it...

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Scott Miller

He's funny, witty and be careful ladies...he's been known to ask for your phone number.

Heather Moore

The girl knows her music, just test her. Oh yeah, she's also the better looking one.

Adam Elliott

News guy, he likes the movies and hockey. Kind of a weird combo.

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Scott Miller in the Morning

Scott Miller with Heather Moore & Adam Elliott.

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Scott Miller In The Morning

The Official Scott Miller In The Morning podcast on 94.9 WOLX


Scott Miller In The Morning Interviews

Bill Michaels Sports

Bill Michaels daily report on the world of sports.

Brain Strain

An almost impossible to answer trivia question.

First Caller

Be the first caller at 5:30am and you get to say it.

Gary Ellerson's Sports Report

Former Packer & Badger Gary Ellerson's Sports Report

Scott Miller's #1

Each day at 8:25 a.m., Scott gives you the story behind a particular #1 hit.